Bicycle Maps

Ther are some GREAT bike trails around Hastings, and here are three maps for you to look at when you visit the winery.

Each route begins and ends at the winery. You are free to use are parking lot when you are out riding during our open hours of operation. If you are going to be here at any other time, please contact us to make arrangements

outside of our hours of operation at :


The 20+ and 30+ mile routes below are through the town of Hastings and on the wonderful Hastings bike trail sytem. Very safe for riders of all levels and highly recomended.

The 50 mile routes are for more experienced riders and is along some of the scenic small Highways and roads South and West of the winery.

Always wear a helmut when riding your bicycle. The winery is in no way affiliated with these routes, this is merely a suggestions for enthusiasts looking for great rides while visiting the winery. The riders assume all risk of endeavoring on such a ride.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@abvwines. com, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

The Routes:

2015 Short Route is 25.85 miles throught the Hastings trail system. I goes up to Spring Lake Park for some wonderful vistas of the Mississipi River. There are restrooms in the park, and waterfountains to use as well as a vending machine at the Interpretive Center located in the park.

If you want a shorter route, you can skip the leg up to Spring Lake Park and cut 6 miles off the route. For more info contact:


21015 Medium Route is 35.3 miles long, follows the same route as the short course, but finishes along some of the open country roads that surround the winery. Any questions can be sent here:


2015 Long Route is 50.36 miles along open roads and Highways with large shoulders. This is for experienced riders. Any qustions can be sent to:


The Buffalo Park and Cannon Falls loop is 50.83 miles. This includes Highways with large shoulders, and a steep descent into Welch Village. This ride is meant for experienced riders only, and includes 10 miles on the Cannon Valley Trail, for which there is a small fee which is payable at the trail entrance in Welch. Any questions can be sent here:

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